Martin Wertheim-Gould FRSA 'Salmond' Artist

The Artist Martin Wertheim-Gould, known as 'Salmond', was born in London and settled in Brighton in 1945. His visual sensitivity and creativity became apparent from an early age.

Martin spent much of his working life in architectural technology, but especially in the leather fashion business, designing and creating custom-made leather garments for private clients. BMW motorcycle division custom made leathers. Serviced top leather fashion houses including Gucci, Loewe, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Timberland.

He found the focus for his inspiration and talent in later years after the pressure of business had ceased to take their toll. He recreated himself, finding solace and inspiration in drawing and painting the architecture and sights of Brighton.

His recent work captures the Regency architecture, the Piers and the colourful natural and urban landscape of Brighton and the surrounding Sussex area. Inspired by Raoul Dufy and the Post-Impressionists, he developed a watercolour and pen and wash style.

Martin's work is never static, focusing on the joys of life. The pleasure he obtains in contemplating his surroundings, be they seaside scenes, seascapes or his favourite jazz clubs is clearly highlighted in the evocative, brightly coloured work, releasing the free expression of his soul.

Having absorbed inspiration from the great Masters such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Raoul Dufy and Matisse, there is no doubt that Martin's pictures are uniquely his own and his work is instantly recognisable - there is a quality of freedom and colour which he manages to capture in a very special way.

Martin Wertheim-Gould had a permanent display of work at the Grand Hotel, Brighton for many years. He has had a number of other exhibitions in the recent past, including an exhibition at the Theatre Royal, Brighton during the Brighton Festival, 2001. One of his paintings was accepted by HM the Queen Mother for her 100th birthday. In 2003 he showed a selection of his work at Gallery 33, 33 Swan Street, London, SE1 1DF.

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